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Old 04-01-2006, 07:34 AM
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Default Rules of the FORUM

The first rule of this forum: Please use the search engine to look up the answers to your questions before posting new questions. All topics have suggestive titles, which means that only by reading them through and through will you be able to appreciate the contents. If you still do not find the answer to your question, then you can post a new question. If you are not Romanian, you may also post your question on this message board in English within the relevant sub-forum and we will try to get back to you in English as soon as possible.

The second rule of this forum: Please use suggestive titles when posting new questions in order to help keep this forum organized and searchable for all users. In case it does not meet this requirement, your message may be edited and/or moved to another topic and its title may be changed. The editing may be done by the author of the message or by the administrator (s) of this forum.

The third rule of this forum: Please limit the posting of messages of a personal nature to the appropriate sections or send them via the private messaging system, as this forum has an informational, not a social purpose. Please be aware of this aspect and abstain from messages that do not belong in the public domain. If you become the recipient of harassment via abusive private messages by another user or users on this forum, please contact a member of the administrative team with a complete copy of the offending message (including the heading) in order to issue a confidential warning and/or a block to the sender(s). Please abstain from sharing or exposing your private correspondence on this public forum without the sender’s prior written consent.

The fourth rule of this forum: Garbage in, garbage out, meaning please keep your replies relevant to the topic and do not engage in digressions or deviations from the subject. Please do not mix answers concerning the matter on hand with your personal opinions regarding the Miss Universe Contest.

The fifth rule of this forum: Please abstain from “flaming”, i.e. insulting messages and malicious gossip, as this practice does not belong here. We all live in a civilized world and this is no place for either insult or injury. If two or more users find they have diverging views on a particular topic, they are welcome to use the adequate sub-forum (“Polemics”). Within the boundaries of this forum, vulgar or aggressive language and personal attacks are forbidden. Please limit your postings strictly to comments on the ideas expressed in writing on this forum by other users- no comments on the users themselves or on their writing and/or actions outside this forum. If you do not agree to this particular rule, please kindly find another home for your opinions.

The sixth rule of this forum: Please post your messages within the relevant sub-forums so it would not become necessary for our team to move messages around or clean up polluted topics. Please contribute to helping all users navigate this forum in an orderly and organized manner while enjoying the systematic arrangement of information on all three levels: sub-forums, sections and topics.

The seventh rule of this forum: Please communicate clearly and be as explicit as possible in order to be properly understood and leave no room for unnecessary interpretations and comments. The more complete a message, the happier the reader. If we all aim towards this goal, then there will be no further need to return to the topic, and everyone will be better informed.

The eighth rule of this forum: Please abstain from posting messages containing references to, or the encouragement of, illegal actions taking place on the territory of Romania or any other country. Illegal actions include, but are not limited to: illegal residence on the territory of the United States or any other foreign country (overstaying one’s legal status), illegal work on the territory of the United States or any other foreign country (so-called “undocumented work”), illegal financial and banking operations whether they concern the relationship of visa petitioners with the US Embassy or not (i.e. tax evasion, fictitious bank accounts- the so-called “money laundering”, any offers of a commercial manner regarding assistance and support for newcomers in the US on a large scale, any offers of a commercial manner regarding matrimony- the so-called “marriages of convenience”), any messages of an inflammatory and/or discriminatory nature such as pornography, obscenities, racial hatred, class hatred, gender discrimination, ethnic discrimination (on Romanian virtual territory, anti-Hungarian, anti-Semitic, anti-Gypsy discrimination etc., on US virtual territory anti-Hispanic, anti-Asian, anti-African American discrimination etc.), any campaigns of slander/defamation/personal attacks targeting anyone’s user name, the disclosure of real names/personal data/private life details of any user without his or her prior written consent, the initiation or pursuit of any dispute/revenge/framing of a personal nature between users, Internet practical jokes such as identity theft/identity fraud/impersonation etc. within the boundaries of this forum. Offending messages will be promptly modified by eliminating the corresponding passages and/or moved to the “Hidden” section by any moderator, accompanied by a public and private message warning. We ask of all users involved in such situations to take their concerns to a lawyer or to the relevant state institutions for the purpose of assistance and mediation. The Lottery Players’ Forum – Diversity Visa Lottery does not accept any legal responsibility or involvement concerning situations similar to those described above.

The forum is open for new suggestions of topics, themes and other activities so do not hesitate to communicate. Together we can build something better for the future!
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